On this side of Belgium
Marion Schmitz-Reiners (Herausgeberin), Carlo Lejeune, Bruni Mahlberg-Gräper, Ulrike Schwieren-Höger, Guido Thomé, Heinz Gensterblum / Fotos: Willi Filz

On this side of Belgium

Impressions of East Belgium

39,95 €
ISBN 978-3-86712-035-8
Format 30 cm x 24 cm
Umfang 192 Seiten
Verarbeitung 175 pictures, tied

About this book

"If you want to get to know the German-speaking Belgians and their homeland, this book provides you with intimate knowledge."  (Handwerkswirtschaft, Aachen)

They are Belgians, their mother tongue is German and they are proud of both. Rolls Royce, they supply turbine disks for aircraft engines; the actors of the Agora Theatre are at home on many stages around the world; for Flemish and Dutch people, the East Belgian hilly landscape on the edge of the mysterious high moor Hohes Venn is a popular alternative to alpine challenges; the German neighbours particularly appreciate the French-style cuisine. And in the federal Belgian state structure, the German-speaking community has found its place as the smallest sub-state with its own parliament and government, as well as in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, which is located in the East-Belgium Eupen, or in the Greater Saar-Lor-Lux region.

East Belgium is always good for a surprise. Just like this illustrated book, which portrays the current portrait of a region in which Europe has long been a living example, and tells of its people, whose openness and hospitality are known far beyond the borders of East Belgium.

Pictures and texts accompany you through a region that is as clear as it is varied, contemplative and lively.

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